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Description: There are many places to buy hearing aids, but there are very few places to receive true healthcare for your hearing. We are a comprehensive hearing care provider specializing in Hearing Restoration, Tinnitus treatment, and Aural Rehabilitation. We carry a full line of hearing devices, including the most sophisticated, nearly invisible, full-featured hearing instruments available. We are TRUE Hearing Healthcare focused on your health and happiness. 
How Best To Refer: PLEASE CALL MY MOBILE UNTIL WE GET OUR OFFICE PHONES CHANGED AND UPDATED. Thank You I am prepared to meet any needs at any stage of someones hearing. There are those that just need an audiogram for their ``wellness`` medical file (good for proving you have/had normal levels of hearing) for insurance reasons. There are those that are afraid to talk about ``what they think`` is happening with they`re hearing. Those that have or are being treated and just need help with there existing hearing aids. OR need full treatment. So...basically...everybody. :) PLEASE CALL MY MOBILE UNTIL WE GET OUR OFFICE PHONES CHANGED AND UPDATED. Thank You - Sky 
Category: Audiology  Power Circle: Health and Beauty 
Member: Jim Markham

142 Glynbrook St. NE Ste 500
Keizer ,  OR  97303
Web Site: 
Business Phone: (503) 924-7433  Business Fax: (503) 210-6465 
Google Review: Join Date: 10/31/2013

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